Spins & Needles

One of the kids favourite rides at The Needles is the teacup ride ‘Spins and Needles’.

Ride in your very own teacup which spins and whirls around. Spin your wheel to increase the pace or go gentle and enjoy the fresh air blowing through your hair. There are 6 cups and each cup can take up to 4 people so great fun for all the family.

Stay Safe & Have Fun - Download our ride regulations document here.

The ‘Spins & Needles’ Tea Cup Ride is a moving spinning ride. Access to each cup is via 3 steps & and involves stepping in to the cup. If you wish to spin the ride, you must be able to grip with your your hands. Children under 5 must be accompanied. Please enquire at the ride. We advise that customers with the following medical conditions do not ride the Tea Cups: Motion sickness Babies must be in a forward facing harness to ride The Spins and Needles Tea Cup Ride. Under 5’s must be accompanied by an adult

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