Water Walkerz

Take one enormous inflatable pool. Add big, see-through balls called Water Walkerz. Place a willing human inside the ball. Then watch an epidemic of uncontrollable giggles.

If you think that you have what it takes to stand up in the ball on water, then this is your chance to walk on water as the ‘Water Walkerz’ are one of our newest and most popular attractions at The Needles.

Step inside a completely watertight hamster ball whilst we fill it with air, zip it up and try to stand up and walk across the water. Once inside your giant inflatable ball you'll stay clean, dry and have an enormous amount of fun (after a few soft falls you should soon master the Water Walkerz technique).

Stay Safe & Have Fun - Download our ride regulations document here.

Water Walkerz are air filled balls in a pool of water. The activity involves a risk of personal injury. You will fall down many times and will find it hard to stand & run. Please note the maximum weight for this is 15 stone. Children under 5 are not permitted on this ride. Not suitable for anyone suffering from High blood pressure, any heart conditions, epilepsy, back or neck problems, asthma or pregnant women. There is one step up to get into the ball, and you must remove your shoes and all objects from your pockets.

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