Marconi Statue

Situated here at The Needles is the world famous Marconi Monument, marking the location where Guglielmo Marconi undertook his pioneering work at the end of the 19th Century which led to radio and all telecommunications as we know it today.

In early December 1897, to investigate and experiment with transmission to ships at sea, Guglielmo Marconi set up his revolutionary wireless equipment in the Royal Needles Hotel, above Alum Bay, and sent the very first wireless transmission.

A huge 168 feet high mast was set up outside the hotel and over the couple of years following, Marconi conducted ever more complex experiments with wireless transmissions. In 1898 messages were received from Marconi at Queen Victoria’s Osborne House and on the royal yacht.

Little now remains of Marconi’s experimental stations as the hotel and masts have long since gone. However, a monument to him stands on the cliff top within The Needles and information lecterns provide a detailed history of radio, Marconi and the role played by Alum Bay.

The recently refurbished Marconi’s Bar provides a contemporary setting to enjoy a light bite and coffee set in the birth place of modern communications.