Taste of the Wight

Since 2015 – Taste of the Wight showcases the very best produce that the Island has to offer. The island’s mellow climate enables the growth of its huge variety of local produce; locally brewed beer, wine and cider, organic fruit and vegetables and delicious locally made ice creams and desserts to name but a few products.

Island breweries have been producing beer and ale since the 1800s using traditional methods with natural Island spring water and special yeast to create its unique taste. You also shouldn’t leave without trying local apple juice and cider or the best vintages, fruit wines, liqueurs and cordials from our three local vineyards.

The Isle of Wight is also home to the largest garlic grower in the UK; the family run Garlic Farm not only provides over 20 types of garlic it also produces many chutneys and relishes to compliment any dish. Visit during the Island’s Garlic Festival in August and you can sample garlic beer, garlic ice cream and garlic dishes and dips of all kinds.

Our southerly location also makes for great chilli growing conditions with The House of Chilli offering everything from chilli-infused sauces and chutneys to an aptly named ‘Baptism of Fire’ Vodka. New for 2018 we are proud to announce the arrival of Tipsy Wight Vodka, a new IW Vodka line as well as introducing Wild Island who produce stunning oils and vinegars.