Supersaver Tickets

Glass-making and sweet-making demonstrations are not taking place throughout August.

Buy one book of supersaver tickets for £9 and get 12 tickets worth £1 each that can be used on all The Needles rides.

Supersaver tickets are the best way to enjoy your visit and are available from the visitor centre. You’ll get a 25% saving on our great rides and attractions, and you can grab them when you get here to enjoy all our rides and attractions as soon as you arrive.

Supersaver tickets may be used for our rides and attractions, as well as transport on the chairlift (please note that our 4D cinema experience and Water Walkerz attractions will reopen in 2021 and we are not offering glass making or sweet making demonstrations throughout August).

Chairlift travel Single Ticket Supersaver Ticket
Chairlift unlimited travel wristband £12.00 Cash Only
Chairlift return £8.00 8
Chairlift one way £4.00 4


Pay as you go Single Ticket Supersaver Ticket
4D Cinema Experience £4.00 4
Water Walkerz £4.00 4
Jurassic Adventure Golf £4.00 4
Dino Jeep Safari £4.00 4
Carousel £3.00 3
Tea Cup Ride £3.00 3
Games Kiosk (Per Game) £4.00 4
Sweet Making Demo £2.00 2
Alum Bay Glass Demo £2.00 2

Please note: Dino Jeep Safari, Carousel and Tea Cup Ride will accept supersaver tickets and card payments.