The Needles Lighthouse

The Needles Lighthouse on the Isle of Wight is an impressive sight. It stands boldly at the end of the outermost chalk stack where the weather sweeps in from the west, with howling gales and lashing rain.

Sitting 80 feet above high water, the light from The Needles Lighthouse can be seen from up to 14 miles away at sea level, in either white, red or green accordingly to the position of the observing ship.

Many visitors, however, will be most familiar with the lighthouse foghorn which sounds every fifteen seconds during periods of poor visibility.

Originally this lighthouse had a keeper and three assistants. The men were on duty for two months and then on leave for one month, with three men on duty at the lighthouse at any one time. Sadly, the lighthouse was automated in 1994 and we said goodbye to the keeper and his assistants. In spite of the presence of the lighthouse, the Needles have always constituted a danger to shipping – over the years many ships have floundered on or near these rocks.